Top 3 Reasons You Must Try Burgundy Truffles This Valentine’s Day

8 February 2016 // AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Press, Slate, Special Events // Comments Off on Top 3 Reasons You Must Try Burgundy Truffles This Valentine’s Day

Now Available at Slate Wine Bar + Bistro for a Limited Time Only
by Danny Lledo

TruffelsTruffles. We’re not talking about the chocolate bon bons, we’re talking about the luxurious fungi that can elevate any meal to a 5-star gourmet dish. There’s a reason truffles are the most expensive food in the world; they are not only delicious in taste and aroma, but they also require very unique conditions to thrive. Some of the best black truffles I’ve ever had were from north-east France: the Burgundy Truffles. And now you have the very special opportunity to try them for yourself.

Here are three reasons why you should request them at Slate this Valentine’s Day weekend:

3. Limited Time Only. To enjoy them in full, you must eat fresh, uncooked specimens shortly after they have been harvested. The strength of the truffle flavor decreases rapidly with time, and much of it is lost before some truffles reach the market. We will be receiving these exotic truffles on Thursday, February 11 and will have them until we run out.

2. Rarity. Because they wildly grow below the ground (usually on varieties of oak and hazelnut tree roots), harvesters often require trained truffles dogs to locate them. Seriously! They’re not easy to cultivate and harvest in relatively small amounts. The basic economic concept of supply and demand is evident here: high demand and low supply drives up the cost exponentially. We were able to strike a generous deal with a harvester in Burgundy and can’t wait to share our rare batch with you.

1. Taste. You don’t know their intoxicating and powerful flavor until you’ve tried them for yourself. They are typically shaved raw over pasta, potato, rice, or egg dishes, and a finishing touch to meats and sauces.

Now is your chance to enjoy this delicious delicacy! Please reserve your Valentine’s Day table today. The prix fixe menu is optional on Friday, Saturday, and Monday. Sunday we’ll be serving the prix fixe menu only. Check out our MENU OPTIONS HERE  and RESERVE HERE.

Bon appetite!